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Breast Augmentation

Larry Sargent MD FACS Breast Augmentation

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation is an operation involving the placement of implants to increase the size of your breast or to restore your breast size due to pregnancy or weight loss. Your goal may be to just increase the size, correct some asymmetry of your breast or to restore volume and improve shape. Your consultation will give you the opportunity to express your goals of how you want your breast changed as well as the size that best suits you. Breast Augmentation can often make a dramatic improvement in your self-esteem. Dr. Sargent now offers his years of experience in Salt Lake City and Bountiful, Utah.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Breast Augmentation?

If you are healthy and your breasts are fully developed, Breast Augmentation is a good option if:

  • You feel your breasts are too small

  • You are unhappy about your breast losing shape and volume after pregnancy or weight loss

  • The upper half of your breast looks deflated or sunken-in

  • Your breasts are asymmetrical

  • Your breasts failed to develop

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What Are My Breast Implants Options?

Most patients have researched this topic and have a good idea of what they are looking to achieve. If not, it is a good idea to look at before and after pictures of patients similar to your body type. The next decisions to be made are related to implant type, size and shape, and the incision location.

There are several types of implants available for augmentation. Click on each option below to learn more.

·        Saline Implants

·        Silicone Implants

·        Form Stable Implants

·        Implant Size

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Breast Augmentation Larry Sargent 7
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Breast Augmentation Larry Sargent 13

All Procedures Shown were done by Dr. Larry A Sargent MD FACS

Breast Augmentation Procedure

This is an outpatient procedure that is performed under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The most common incision used is in the crease of the breast. This incision tends to give the best exposure for implant placement and is well hidden even without clothes. The implant chosen is either placed in a pocket under the muscle or on top of the muscle. The most common position is under the muscle as it helps camouflage the outline of the implant. Symmetry is checked, and the incision is closed with no sutures requiring removal.

Breast Enlargement Recovery

Breast Augmentation is an outpatient procedure, so you can go home after waking up from anesthesia. You will have a surgical bra to wear and will experience mild to moderate discomfort. We do offer an excellent option to dramatically reduce the discomfort. A long-acting numbing medicine can be injected into the breast area, if you choose this option, that can last for 72 hours. This can dramatically reduce the discomfort of this procedure and is highly recommended. Most patients return to work in 3-5 days, lower body exercising in 3 weeks and the upper body in 6 weeks. You will not see the final result in size and shape for several weeks.

Quick answers

Length Of Operation

Usually 1-1 1/2 hours


Intravenous sedation or general anesthesia


  • Mild to moderate discomfort

  • Minimal activity first three days

  • Back to work 3-5 days

  • Swelling will resolve in several weeks

  • No heavy exercising for six weeks


  • Minimal scarring usually in the crease of the breast but can be placed in other locations

  • Inconspicuous scar

Risks / Possible Complications

Serious complications are unlikely.
In addition to anesthesia risk, other possible risks include:

  • Capsular contracture: Excess scar tissue can build up around the implant causing it to feel firm or distorted. Treatment usually involves surgical removal of scar tissue to enlarge the pocket.

  • Nipple sensation: numbness may occur that is usually temporary

  • Implant displacement

  • Implant deflation: Saline implants are filled with a valve and can potentially leak and deflate.

  • The implant would then need to be removed and replaced. Implants generally have a warranty of ten years.

  • Rippling: Liquid in implants, particularly saline, may cause waviness in certain positions.

  • Infections

  • Hematoma: Collection of blood in implant pocket.


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