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What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction, also called lipoplasty is an excellent technique to remove localized areas of fat in an effort to improve contour and shape. It is not a replacement for dieting and exercise and not a treatment for generalized obesity.

A small cannula, or metal tube, is used to suction out certain pockets of fact usually in the hips, thighs, inner knees, abdomen, flanks, back, or neck. This is done in an attempt to sculpt the area into better shape and form. Other areas where liposuction can be used are upper arms, chest, calves, and ankles. Dr. Sargent now offers a year of Liposuction experience to Salt Lake City and Bountiful, Utah.

Am I A Candidate For Liposuction?

If you are close to normal weight, have good skin tone, with localized areas of fat that don’t respond to diet or exercise, you could be an excellent candidate for liposuction, remembering that liposuction is not a weight reduction technique. You could be helped by liposuction if:

  • Adults within 20% of your ideal weight

  • You are healthy with good skin tone

  • Maintain consistent weight

  • Realistic expectations as to what liposuction can accomplish

What Is Involved In This Procedure?

The areas to be contoured are carefully marked preoperatively. Once you are under anesthesia a solution is injected to minimize bleeding. Then a metal tube is inserted through a small incision in a hidden area, to suction out the fat in the designated area. Repeating this to get the best contour is the key to a good outcome.

Liposuction 1 Larry A Sargent MD
Liposuction 2 Larry A Sargent MD
Liposuction 3 Larry A Sargent MD

All Procedures Shown were done by Dr. Larry A Sargent MD FACS

What Is The Recovery After Liposuction?

Most patients go home the same day wearing a compression garment. There is moderate discomfort with bruising and swelling in the areas that have been liposuctioned.

Most people return to work in 2-3 days if they have had only 1-2 areas treated. Multiple areas may take longer to recover. Swelling and bruising will start to resolve in several weeks, but you will not see the final results for 6-8 weeks.

If you gain weight, you can develop fat deposits in other areas that can have an impact on the contour of your areas of liposuction.

For more information about the Liposuction procedure, give us a call at either our Salt Lake City or Bountiful, UT locations.

Quick Answers

Length Of Procedure

30 minutes to several hours depending on the number of areas and amount of fat removed


Local can be used but usually intravenous sedation or general anesthesia

Length Of Stay

Typically outpatient procedure. Overnight stay only with large volume liposuction.


  • Mild to moderate discomfort

  • Pain medication usually required but able to ambulate

  • Minimal activity first 2-3 days

  • Back to work in several days if only 1-2 areas suctioned

  • Wear compression garment for several weeks

  • Return to exercising, depending on the area, in 2-4 weeks


Very small and inconspicuously placed

Risks / Possible Complications

Serious complications are unlikely. However potential risks include:

  • The shift in fluid balance with larger volume liposuction causing a drop in blood pressure

  • Hematoma - the collection of blood beneath the skin

  • Numbness and discoloration-usually temporary

  • Contour irregularities of unevenness of skin

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